Don’t Watch Television

Don’t Watch Television – ITM – Documentary – YouTube 50:39

From the Inspirational Truth Movement comes a film on the dangers of watching television. The effects on the human brain of this relatively new technology, the government’s use of television to propagandize the people, and the societal problems caused by television watching are all explored from a unique perspective. How much is television harming you? [Bron: YouTube]

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    Inspirational Truth Movement – “a change of mind”.
  • The Discovery of Television 10:18 deel 1 van 6
    The story of the invention and development of television from 1863 to 1945, which was first shown the day after the 30th anniversary of the first regular television service began transmission from Alexandra Palace in London. The film describes the origin of television and the science behind it. The battle for acceptance by the BBC between Baird Company and Marconi-EMI is shown.
    Jointly sponsored by Mullard and the BBC [Bron: Youtube]
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    Weg die TV!

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