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Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed (2010)

Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed (2010) – YouTube 1:48:29

This video brings forth an overwhelming amount of evidence that the music industry is completely controlled by an illuminati elite who flash their symbolism in music videos of artists who have sold their souls to the devil also known as the ‘Rain Man’.

As many artists discover, the grip of this force of evil is a non-revokable soul-binding contract written in blood and enforceable by the threat of death. We need to support all the artists fighting back and trying to expose the deception and reveal the truth.

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    Do the brains of different people listening to the same piece of music actually respond in the same way? An imaging study by Stanford University School of Medicine scientists says the answer is yes, which may in part explain why music plays such a big role in our social existence.
  • Filosoferick reactie:

    Over hoe veel liedjes die door iedereen worden meegezongen verborgen boodschappen bevatten…en hoe videoclips zoals getoond op MTV veelal vol zitten met verborgen symboliek die op een natuurlijk negatieve manier inwerken op het onderbewuste.

    Een wellicht ietwat tot in den treuren bekend onderwerp…maar nog niet eerder vermeld op Filosoférick. Moeite van het kijken en luisteren waard.

    Met natuurlijk lekkere deuntjes 🙂

[republished op 27-09-2013]

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