Esoteric agenda

The Esoteric Agenda

There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people. [Bron: YouTube]

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  • Kymatica (2009) 01:23:46 YouTube Video
    Vervolg op ‘The Esoteric Agenda’.

    “The daily life we perceive with our 5 senses is not reality.

    Quantum physics has shown that space and time are illusions of perception therefore our bodies cannot truly be a reality if they occupy this space…Our true consiousness does not excist in our brains or in our bodies.”

  • Filosoferick reactie:

    ‘The Esoteric Agenda’ gaat over hoe ‘wij’ (volgens Kissinger ‘useless eaters’) langzaam maar zeker op tal van manieren worden uitgeroeid. Een interessante documentaire die alles even op een rijtje zet.

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