Peter Joseph: Culture in Decline

Peter Joseph: Culture in Decline – Episode 2 – What Democracy? by Peter Joseph – YouTube 29:20

‘Culture in Decline’ is a 30 min., Bi-Monthly Web-Series created and hosted by Peter Joseph.

‘Culture in Decline’ is a satirical yet serious expression that challenges various cultural phenomena existing today which most of society seem to take for granted. Nothing is considered sacred in this Series except for a detached benchmark of fundamental logic and reason – forcing the viewer to step out of the box of “Normality” and to consider our societal practices without traditional baggage and biases. Common themes include Politics, Economics, Education, Security, Religion, Vanity, Governance, Media, Labor, Technology and other issues centric to our daily lives. [Bron:]

  • Filosoferick reactie:

    Van de maker/bedenker van de Zeitgeist movie series…interessant!

    Er komt zoals wordt genoemd op de officiele website maandelijks een deel bij!

    Wij kunnen niet wachten 🙂 En wij zullen deze kwestie netjes bij gaan houden zodat alle afleveringen hier te vinden zullen zijn.

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    "Culture in Decline" – by Peter Joseph – Creator of The Zeitgeist Film Series
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