Mosaic of Facts – How they tell you what to believe!

Mosaic of Facts (RT documentary) (53:38)

Miguel Francis-Santiago began his journey into the Ukrainian Crisis with a trip to Crimea. After joining RT Doc for his Donetsk investigation and witnessing real horrors in the war-torn region, he felt compelled to search for answers. His latest investigative film takes him home to New York, to begin his quest to understand how the crisis came about, who was behind it and where it might lead in the future.

Twenty-first-century warfare is now as much about words, pictures and video as guns, missiles and bombs. Meeting with American and European journalists, Miguel explores how crises in Ukraine and elsewhere are reported around the world. Headlines and sound bites have the power to shape public opinion. Sensationalism, censorship by omission and even falsified news; some claim there are no longer any taboos on the information battlefield.

The programme explores what governs media agendas in covering international news where unwritten editorial and geopolitical goals dictate how (and what) information is disseminated. What sources or news outlets can be trusted? We live in a connected age when the saying, ‘information is power’, has never been more true. At a time when the media has been dubbed ‘the fourth estate’, the thin grey line between facts and propaganda is becoming ever more blurred.

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  • RT Documentary
    Het YouTube kanaal van de makers van deze docu.
  • Filosoferick reactie:

    Pretty interesting!

    ‘Information is power’ wisten we natuurlijk al. Maar hoe deze info wordt gebruikt en de onwetende, onoplettende medemens beïnvloed en manipuleert is een onderwerp dat wij graag onder de aandacht blijven brengen.

    De docu ‘Mosaic of Facts’ is van Russia Today (RT) waarover Naomi Wolf heeft gezegd dat dit een ‘government mouthpiece’ is.

    Tsja…maar dat maakt deze documentaire niet minder interessant 🙂

Mosaic of Facts – How they tell you what to believe!
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