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24-12-2015 – De Duistere Rol van de NSA in het 9-11-Verhaal (49:00)
Een door de Franse-Duitse tv-zender Arte bewerkte Amerikaanse documentaire die gebaseerd is op het onthullende boek van de Amerikaanse onderzoeksjournalist James Bamford.

16-12-2015 – Ramp met Fukushima erger dan gedacht (3:51)
Vlak na de tsunami bij Fukushima was men al op de hoogte van de desastreuze omvang van de ramp. Maar naar nu is gebleken werd dit niet publiekelijk bekend gemaakt.

07-12-2015 – Cigarettes & the Occult (16:20)
Illuminati occult symbolism on cigarette packs and ads –

30-11-2015 – The Truth About The Paris Terrorist Attack by Stefan Molyneux (27:23)
Overzicht van wat zover bekend is aangaande de aanslagen in Parijs die op vrijdag de 13e 2015 plaatsvonden.

21-11-2015 – Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose) (12:35)
Over hoe de massa gelooft in en vrijwillig kiest voor een leven onder een regering doordat zij hier van kinds af aan voor zijn geindoctrineerd. Op school wordt je geleerd om te gehoorzamen en dit zorgt er voor dat iemand zijn gehele leven braaf gehoorzaamd als hem iets wordt opgedragen.

Lees het boek: Het meest gevaarlijke bijgeloof door Larken Rose

18-11-2015 – When False Flags Don’t Fly (7:33)
Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble and identify himself as the hero. It is at moments like this that the public —still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfolded before them— can be led into the most ruthless despotism: despotism that now bears the mantle of “security.”
Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman. They only ever benefit those in positions of power.

08-11-2015 – UNICEF’s extraterrestrial alien diversity propaganda (2:16)
UNICEF Chile has been promulgating diversity via videos featuring an extraterrestrial alien.

04-11-2015 – 8 Terrifying Robots That Will Eventually Take Over The World (11:06)
The robot apocalypse may begin with these Robots.

22-10-2015 – War is Hell: Drone Footage of Syrian Army Offensive (3:57)
This drone footage offers you a bird’s eye view of Syrian tanks and artillery pounding the militants’ positions during the major offensive launched by the government forces.
Bron: .

19-10-2015 – Cops Gone Wild – Psychopath Edition (1:17:23)
Psychopaths are individuals with defective emotions; they do not experience normal levels of shame, guilt, or fear. Possibly as a result of this defect, they also have weak and transitory social attachments; they treat other people as objects.

Bekijk ook de 2e editie: Cops Gone Wild – Gang of Thieves Edition 2 (1:01:55)

16-10-2015 – Days of Revolt – The 51 Day War (25:32)
In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges discusses Israeli military policy in the Gaza Strip with author and journalist Max Blumenthal. Together they recount Palestinian testimonies about Israeli military aggression during Operation Protective Edge as described in Blumenthal’s latest book, and detail the brutal tactics used by the Israeli state in attempt to suppress Palestinian resistance.

14-10-2015 – MH17 Crash (19:29)
Film over het onderzoek van de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid naar de oorzaak van de crash met vlucht MH17 op 17 juli 2014 boven het oostelijk deel van Oekraïne en over het onderzoek naar het overvliegen van conflictgebieden. De film is gebaseerd op de onderzoeksrapporten van de Onderzoeksraad, die op 13 oktober 2015 zijn gepubliceerd.

13-10-2015 – The ancients were mighty 1 1 (9:16)
Een korte maar overtuigende serie videos waarin wordt aangetoond dat de pyramiden in Egypte, Peru, Mexico en meerdere plaatsen op de wereld 1 en dezelfde oorsprong of architect lijken te hebben.

Graham Hancock heeft het hier ook al over gehad en is dan ook overtuigd van het idee dat er één moedercultuur was. Deze serie videos toont wat ons betreft onomstotelijk aan dat dit ook zo was.

Lees artikel behorende bij de serie videos: [Bron: Verborgen historie komt aan het licht]

27-09-2015 – Matt Boylan over Flat Earth (30:26)
Matt Boylan is een voormalig grafisch ontwerper die voor NASA fotorealistisch beeldmateriaal vervaardigde.

Zie ook:
NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth! (29:13)
Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager, worked for years creating photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA. Now a vocal Flat-Earther, Boylan claims that NASA’s sole reason for existence is to propagandize the public and promote this false ball-Earth heliocentric worldview. Originally recruited because of his skills and reputation as a hyper-realist multi-media artist, he started doing projects like photoshopping various lighting and atmospheric effects onto images of Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, Europa, etc. Having proved himself, and wanting to promote him to do more classified work, a room of NASA higher-ups during a party, as a type of initiatory-rite, explained to him and a few others in detail the reality of the Geocentric Flat-Earth model and how they have fooled the entire world!

Refusing to be a part of their deception, Boylan cut his ties to NASA, began researching the Flat-Earth for himself, and has recently become a powerful voice on the lecture circuit and the internet exposing NASA and their heliocentric hoax. In his comedic lectures he speaks candidly and eloquently about how simple it is using nothing more than Adobe Photoshop and a video editor to create any and every type of image NASA purports to be “receiving from the Hubble telescope.” He points out how in most ball-Earth videos lazy NASA graphics workers don’t even bother changing cloud structures in ordinary or time-lapse footage; the same shape, color and condition cloud cover often stays completely unchanged for 24 hour periods and longer! Boylan states unequivocally that every picture and video of the ball-Earth, all the Moon/Mars landings, the existence of orbiting satellites, space stations, and all Hubble images are hoaxed. He even quips anecdotes about how NASA officials and astro-nots privy to the Flat-Earth truth would laugh hysterically at the brain-washed zombie public who unquestioningly believe their televisions.

16-09-2015 – Solving 911 Ends the War – Christopher Bollyn 2015 (57:58)
Christopher Bollyn 2015 ‘Solving 911 Ends the War’.

In the name of 9/11, “wars have been waged, governments overthrown, and an untold number of lives sacrificed.” Yet 9/11 is an unsolved crime of terrorism and mass murder, with no trial and no serious investigation. This elaborately planned criminal deception was carried out “with the intention that the public would be deceived with a false explanation blaming the atrocity on Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaida….”

Christopher Bollyn states he has written “Solving 9-11: the Deception that Changed the World” because he could not remain indifferent and silent…”as the lies about 9/11 were used to wage wars of aggression and transform American into a police state.”

An investigative journalist from Illinois, Bollyn sojourned in Europe and the Middle East before studying languages, history and journalism at UC Davis and Santa Cruz. His degree in history focused on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. He has written in-depth articles about the Middle East, electronic vote fraud, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the history and geo-political background of 9/11.

In 2007, Bollyn and his family moved to Sweden when his research into 9/11 brought about his being attacked by undercover police and then charged with assaulting them. He began writing this book and has been touring in the US with the hope of raising the consciousness of the American public and exposing the true culprits.

Readers of his book have said it is “the top-notch work of the 9/11 collection and …the work of a brave genius…information we can use to reformulate our worldview….gives me hope that truth and liberty can ultimately prevail.” [Bron: YouTube]

12-09-2015 – How Illuminati Leave Signatures On Hoax/FalseFlag Events! (2015) (19:29)
Interessante video van YouTuber ‘KJ Ozborne’ (whoever that may be). Vooral de informatie over comedian Amy Schumer toont maar weer eens aan ‘hoe diep -alles- met elkaar verweven is’. Zelfs de filmposter van ‘Trainwreck’, haar film, is voorzien van een ‘hidden eye’.

Wij hadden nog helemaal niet stilgestaan bij ‘Amy Schumer’. Die wij toch kennen, leuk vinden…en waarvan wij veel hebben gezien en gehoord.

12-09-2015 – Noam Chomsky Has No Opinion on Building 7 (7:14)
Bob Tuskin questions Noam Chomsky about 9/11. His shocking response and position over the years on 9/11 has baffled many. He invited AE 9/11 truth to present their evidence to MIT.

11-09-2015 – 911 Insidejob – Decade of Deception (2015) (2:04:54)
Documentary based on Facts.

Het is alweer 14 (2 x 7 jaar) geleden…en de meeste mensen aan wie wij dit melden zeggen allen het verwachtte: “Ja, en? Wat doet dat er nu nog toe? Houd er nu eens over op”…best tragisch.

10-09-2015 – Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions (1:17:08)
This is a video on the psychology of propaganda. Prof. Kroth reviews five major techniques for how American mass media manipulates and twists the view Americans have of their world. The seriousness of the distortion, and our progressive loss of contact with reality is dramatic. We are increasingly living inside a media-induced trance without knowing it. Children believe Ronald MacDonald is more real than Abraham Lincoln. From Coke to Carl’s Jr., Hip-hop to the Iraq war, the role of subliminal propaganda in our lives is unveiled and exposed. This talk is based on Dr. Kroth’s recent book, Duped! Delusion, Denial, and the end of the American dream (Genotype, 2013). More information at [Bron: YouTube]

02-09-2015 – Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels (38:37)
Interessante video over hoe de entertainment industrie (o.a. Walt Disney) druk doende is kinderen op jonge leeftijd al te confronteren met (hun eigen) sexualiteit. Zo worden ze op jonge leeftijd warm gemaakt door lieve Disney karakters zoals Hannah Montana e.d. die later, waneer zij tieners zijn geworden, veranderen in drugsgebruikende sexbeesten. Monkey see, monkey do 🙁
De video laat zien hoe ver dit gaat en kan voor sommigen een echte eye-opener zijn.

Zie ook: The Effects of Hyper Sexualization of Girls in the Media – Geena Davis (1:22)

23-08-2015 – Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny (29:48)
Would You Pay Micro-soft to spy on you? Windows 10 is an update that is being used to spy on you through malware. It is placed on your computer through the update and then leaves you helpless against spying through keystrokes, your camera and websites you visit.

Join Pete and Dr. Katherine Albrecht to learn why you should be very concerned about Micro-Softs new software. Do not upgrade to Windows10 until you listen to this important message!

22-08-2015 – Human Capital – Episode 3: Planned Parenthood’s Custom Abortions for Superior Product (10:37)
De web-serie/documentaire ‘Human Capital’, geproduceerd door het Center for Medical Progress, toont interviews met experts, ooggetuigenverslagen en real-life undercover opnamen aangaande de verkoop van geaborteerd foetaal weefsel door ‘Planned Parenthood’.

Dit fragment is slechts 10 minuten uit uren verzameld beeldmateriaal.

Bekijk het volledige 5e deel van The Center for Medical Progress (YouTube 5:45:12) waarin wordt aangetoond dat er wordt gehandeld in geaborteerde foetussen door de organisatie ‘Planned Parenthood’.

Bekijk ook een nieuwsitem van ‘TheRebel’ dat gaat over de videos die door The Center for Medical Progress naar buiten zijn gebracht – GRAPHIC: Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Planned Parenthood videos (6:58)

En nog een gerelateerd nieuwsitem aangaande de nasleep van dit schandaal:
Man behind Planned Parenthood videos speaks out (6:35)

19-08-2015 – The Paris and Copenhagen False Flags In Detail by Ole Dammegård (2:29:17)
Lezing georganiseerd door de Cui Bono Association.

15-06-2015 – David Letterman – Final Show – 20th May, 2015 (58:56)
David Letterman – Last Show – 20th May, 2015 – Finale Full Episode.

02-05-2015 – George Carlin – Life Is Worth Losing (1:38:04)
George Carlin continues with his 13th HBO stand-up special.

Dit was het video archief van 2015.

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