The Secret N.A.S.A. Transmissions

Really quite impressive for what is basically a low-budget video. Much of the footage consists of N.A.S.A.’s own video feed from various space flights, being transmitted back to earth in real time. The very impressive space anomalies were recorded by Martyn Stubbs, a cable access company manager in Vancouver.

Astronauts talk in code. Ice particles that N.A.S.A. seems to insist on, all of the sudden speed up and slow down. While other anomalies make turns appear and disappear at an incredible speed. There are sightings are filmed from shuttle missions but several videos are taken by Russian cosmonauts from the Russian Space Agency’s MIR, as well.

“The truth is out there” and the N.A.S.A. footage brings it straight to your screen. [Bron: UFOtv]

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    David Sereda gaat wetenschappelijk in op dezelfde N.A.S.A. videobeelden die in de hier genoemde ‘The Secret NASA Transmissions – The Smoking Gun (2004)’ worden besproken.

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