TED Talks: The Dark Side of Data

Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust – time to act – YouTube 19:19

Recent events have highlighted, underlined and bolded the fact that the United States is performing blanket surveillance on any foreigner whose data passes through an American entity — whether they are suspected of wrongdoing or not. This means that, essentially, every international user of the internet is being watched, says Mikko Hypponen. An important rant, wrapped with a plea: to find alternative solutions to using American companies for the world’s information needs. [Bron: TED]

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All your devices can be hacked – Avi Rubin (16:57)
Could someone hack your pacemaker? At TEDxMidAtlantic, Avi Rubin explains how hackers are compromising cars, smartphones and medical devices, and warns us about the dangers of an increasingly hack-able world.

Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am! (14:31)
After he ended up on a watch list by accident, Hasan Elahi was advised by his local FBI agents to let them know when he was traveling. He did that and more … much more.

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TED Talks: The Dark Side of Data
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