Faces of Death (1978)

Faces of Death (1978) (2:31:20)

“Faces of Death’ (also released as The Original Faces of Death) is a 1978 mondo film which guides viewers through explicit scenes depicting a variety of ways to die and violent acts.

It is often billed as Banned in 40+ Countries. The film has been banned (at least temporarily) in Australia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Although several of the “human death” scenes are obvious fakes (with Allan A. Apone, make-up and special effects artists for the film saying that about 40% of it is fake), some of the footage is genuine.

Famous scenes of death from the media are included. Such as stock footage of a napalm bombing in Vietnam, various newsreel footage and wartime footage of Adolf Hitler. Also featured are the actual on-camera deaths of a variety of animals. Including seals being clubbed to death and animals being killed on the slaughterhouse line.

The nadir of the film is the inclusion of an extreme fatal accident; the shattered remains of a cyclist are seen under a semi tractor trailer, the camera pans long enough to capture paramedics scooping up blood clots, brain matter and clumps of hair from the tarmac – this incident is authentic and culled from newsreels – [Bron: YouTube]

Faces of Death (1978)

  • Filosoferick reactie:

    In een grijs verleden was dit het schokkendste dat wij ooit hadden gezien. Hoe een kip na te zijn onthoofd nog rondrent alsof zijn leven er vanaf hangt maakte toendertijd grote indruk.

    Niet geschikt voor mensen die niet tegen bloed kunnen.

    Dus popcorn…drankje…Enjoy! 🙂

Faces of Death (1978)
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